Things to Consider When Choosing A Bankruptcy Lawyer

By Kenneth Lenz, Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney
Attempting a “Pro Se Bankruptcy” can prove to be not only confusing and frustrating, but also devastating to your financial future.

Hiring the right bankruptcy attorney is the first step in regaining financial stability. There are many Bankruptcy Lawyers to choose from in Connecticut and finding the right one can prove a daunting task. Attorney Kenneth Lenz is a Board Certified Consumer Bankruptcy Attorney. When an attorney is certified by the American Board of Bankruptcy Certification, he or she has undergone an extensive examination of his bankruptcy knowledge and litigation experience. Only 1% of practicing attorneys are board-certified in consumer bankruptcy and its a sure sign of a competent counsellor.

Attempting a “Pro Se Bankruptcy” (filing for bankruptcy without a lawyer) can prove to be not only confusing and frustrating, but also devastating to your financial future. A bankruptcy is unlike many other court judgments and is not easily modifiable. Bankruptcy laws are also difficult to understand and interpret. When filing for bankruptcy without legal counsel you are expected to understand and abide by the laws that make up the process. This includes knowing exactly what documents need to be filed and when.  By hiring an attorney you'll be represented in Bankruptcy Court and you'll be guided through the proceedings so you're better able to make educated choices. All of the attorneys at the Lenz Law Firm will honestly and ethically represent your best interests.

Similarly, using a non-attorney petition preparer can be hazardous to your financial health as these people are not licensed or regulated by anyone, and do not have formal training in bankruptcy law.  The proper selection of exemption statutes is critical to retaining property, and failure to do this correctly can result in either the loss of property or the right to receive property in the future. Both of these outcomes can be prevented with assistance  provided by an attorney.